June 10, 2017

Ekran Systems

Monitor, detect and analyze user-based threats

Growing vulnerability to insider threats

The amount of insider-based attacks on corporate data and the resultant losses to affected businesses is continuing to rise exponentially. The negative effect on the victims makes recovery difficult and the impact long-lasting. In 2015, up to 90% of surveyed security specialists named “human behavior” as the biggest threat to their organizations. The insider threat landscape includes employees and third-party subcontractors accessing corporate infrastructure, users working with critical data, on-site and remote administrators.


Ekran System is an advanced software-based solution for corporate security monitoring that allows to record and analyze every user session on corporate servers, terminals, local PCs, and virtual machines, with support for Windows, Citrix, and Linux platforms.
Based on the indexed video record format, Ekran System captures any user action on corporate end-points, from server configuration changes to sensitive data access, giving you all the details necessary to explore and document any incident.

Captured on-screen activity makes analysis easier and saves time, while synchronized log details such as entered commands or application names enable quick search and in-depth investigation. Real-time alerts on target events and rule-based USB device management assist your incident response team with timely threat detection. Various reports improve audit capabilities and allow cross-check.

How it works

Installed on a server or a workstation, Ekran Client records video of all logged in user sessions and accompanying metadata such as application name, entered Linux command, URL address, keystrokes, and connected USB device details. Ekran provides full-functional playback for all session records as well as easy search by metadata – all via a Web-based panel. Real-time alerts with direct links to the corresponding video episode and USB blocking make control even more proactive.

Cost-efficient for any deployment

Ekran System is licensed by the number of Ekran Clients – end-points to be monitored. This transparent approach makes deployment of any size cost-efficient. The solution supports both commercial and free embedded database.

Discover, investigate and prevent all possible violations

Monitor user activity with searchable video logs

With Ekran System, you can control the work of your corporate network users, including on-site and remote system administrators. Ekran System creates complete video records of all local, remote, and terminal sessions. With Ekran System, nothing can hide: every user screen will be captured together with activity details. The product works for any network protocol, application, and architecture.

Analyze monitoring results – discover suspicious user behaviour

Ekran System uses a combination of easy-to-analyze video record – even for Linux SSH Telnet sessions – and searchable text metadata representing activity details: application name, active window title, URL address, commands with parameters, and more. Advanced search across all records gives you an effective tool to perform retrospective user action analysis and incident investigation.

Enable quick incident response

Ekran System provides a rule-based alert system that will notify your security personnel about potentially dangerous actions as it occurs, including the connection of USB devices prohibited by corporate policy. Sent notifications contain a direct link to the related video enabling quick incident investigations. The option of viewing a currently running user session permits real-time audits and manually blocking a user if malicious activity is suspected.

Audit user activity with reports

With Ekran System you may generate a variety of reports allowing you to analyze different aspects of users’ activity for a selected period of type. Scheduled reporting option insures delivery of all essential statistics right into your email box. The solution includes forensic export capabilities to create self-contained protected logs of user sessions including video, metadata, and embedded replay and navigation controls.

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