May 27, 2017

Heimdal CORP

About Heimdal Security

Part of the best in the Cyber Threat space

HeimdalSecurity is part of the best in cyberriskprotectionwith a proven track record from FBI, Europol, US DOJ and a active partnership in the No More Ransomproject. We deliver market-leading threat intelligence to organizationsand users aroundthe world.

Devised by world champions

The Heimdal Security software was devised in 2011 by the 19thand 20thTeam DefconCTF World Champions in hacking. Heimdal is now used to protect organizations andusersacross theworldagainst advanced attacks, wherever they may go.

Driven by experienced experts

Since its incorporation in early 2014, Heimdal has driven by experts in cyber securityand cyber security development.

This includes specialistsfrom securityorganizations such as BitDefender, BullGuard and Secunia. We are now one of the world’s fastest growing securityplatforms.

Endorsed by Leading Organizations

The power of Heimdal is the intelligence

At Heimdal, we gather our leading intelligencefrom a variety of sources in orderto combat cyber threats:

  • Reverse engineering malware
  • Penetrating and infiltrating malware infrastructure
  • Sinkholing
  • Domain monitoring
  • Zero hour monitoring
  • Attack analysis
  • Cracking Domain generation algorithms (DGA’s)
  • Crawling the darkest places of the internet

Why Heimdal

Patches 99.5% of security-critical software

Heimdal patches Java 7 / 8, Acrobat Reader, Acrobat Flash, Quicktime, VLC Player, Silverlight and many other applications, covering 99% of security-critical software apps. Heimdal works automatically and silently, without interrupting theuser.

Heimdal’s Software Management In-depth

Heimdal’s patch &install engine–key benefits

  • Automatic deployment/redeployment of patches
  • Silentsoftwareinstallation and on-the-fly
  • Silent patching without user interruption
  • HTTPS deliver from Heimdalservers anywhere in the world
  • Covers both feature and security patches
  • Patch release to install time of less the 4 hours avg.
  • Integrates with the active directory without any setup
  • Configurable what you want installed and patched
  • Version management included
  • Un-installation of software supported
  • Scheduling of updates according to PC clock


  • Less time spent on following up
  • Less time spent on building images, packages and no reboots
  • Increased productivity and less time spent on support
  • Secure packages and updated machines –anytime/anywhere
  • Ensures you are always covered
  • Quick exploit kit protection
  • Ensures minimaldeployment overhead
  • Can be customized to fit your organization’s needs
  • Choose what specific versions to run
  • Can remove unwanted software from your machines
  • Updates always fit to employees in their timezone

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