June 10, 2017

Icsoft Paper less factory


Paperless Factory is a platform to integrate corporate decision-making and manufacturing shop-floor in real-time by connecting machines, work-places and systems, as intelligent networks along the entire value chain that can control each other autonomously. IcSoft – Paperless Factory has features and reports that can be used for implementing lean, TPM and TOC concepts.

Standard features

Online display of process and machine

  • information Online setup and production data acquisition
  • Online inspection data acquisition and SPC
  • Online machine condition monitoring
  • Tool & Die life management online display of material requirement at store
  • Interface Tool for data exchange with ERP

Optional features

Machine Interface

  • Measuring instrument interface
  • Automated Storage and Retrieval System interface

Online Process and Machine Information

All information regarding the process and the machine is available to the operator based on the selected work order, process and the work center.

Machine Information 

Machine preventive

  • maintenance plan / checklist Machine parameter
  • settings Machine condition
  • monitoring Production Information Control Plan
  • Work instructions /videos Material required
  • Process parameter
  • setting Drawings and other
  • visual production aids Quality Information Patrol/Sample
  • inspection plan Dimensional and other inspection details

Online setup, production and inspection data acquisition:

Barcode/RFID enabled production tracking/recording  Online data acquisition

  • Production: Start time; end time, down time with reasons, production quantity etc.

Quality: Rejected quantity with reasons, dimension data, chemical composition etc.
Process: Process parameters like temperature, pressure, flow etc.
Machine: Power, bearing temperature, pressure, vibration etc.  Vision Inspection

  • Material Consumption
  • Manual/Barcode/RFID for traceability

Automatic based on FIFO Tool& Die Life Management

Online Store Management System (Under Development)

Online Display of Material Requirement at Store

Display material, quantity, machine & expected time
Flash urgent requirements

ASRS Interface

Interface Automated Storage & Retrieval System for keeping the required materials available for delivery

Reports, Analysis and Benefits

Designed to complement an ERP system. Automates and streamlines factory operations by combining Online Display of Process and Machine information (paperless) with Shop Floor Data Acquisition.

Online machine loading and OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency)

  • Rejection analysis
  • Delay analysis
  • Trend and Correlation analysis
  • Productivity improvement
  • Accurate costing
  • Asset / Condition Monitoring
  • Lean manufacturing

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