June 10, 2017

Spamina- Email Spam filter

Spamina ATP

Spamina ATP solution is an addi-tional malware protection layer that sits of top of the Spamina’s antispam and antimalware stack.

Spamina ATP incorporates the following technologies:

  • Advanced Premium Antivirus Engine
  • File & URL Sandboxing Analysis

The service is fully integrated into the Spamina ad-ministration panel, providing IT managers with full configuration control and auditing, as well as report-ing and service status (dashboard). Likewise, users are promptly notified when received emails are sub-mitted for analysis, and when clicking on URL links that are deemed potentially dangerous.

Advanced Premium Antivirus Engine (APAV)

APAV is a signature based AV engine enabling:

  • Highly effective and fast signature-based detec-tion, whose engine identifies and stops a broad range of malware hidden in email attachments.
  • Discovery of all samples of known family of mal-ware and their mutations.
  • Effective identification of fast-changing threats, leveraging a large distributed network of sen-sors.
  • Behavioural analysis: proactive detection of zero-day threats based on continuous monitor-ing to detect emerging threats.
  • Handling of applications’ reputation: APAV re-duces false positives for applications by keeping an up-to-date list of executables which are known to be malware-free.

File Sandboxing Analysis

Sandboxing is a security mechanism that executes a program in a controlled environment so that its ac-tions can be analyzed and the effects contained. Sandboxing analysis is frequently used to test unveri-fied emails/programs that may contain a virus or ma-licious code and links in real time, without allowing the software to harm the end user’s access device.

Spamina ATP is powered by a second generation sand-boxing technology, which leverages the Complete run-time Environment Instrumentation (CEI) to perform exhaustive object checks that uncover malware even when employing the most sophisticated evasion tech-niques.

Spamina ATP solution performs dynamic analysis of attachments in the sandbox prior to delivery, ensur-ing that emails received by end users are safe from vi-rus, ramsonware and zero-day malware.

Spamina’s ATP file sandboxing features:

  • Complete kernel-level visibility, so that at all times the sandbox knows the actions being car-ried out by sample program and by the host op-erating system.
  • Effective detection of attempts by the target program at interfering with the sandbox or evading tracking.
  • Manipulation and interaction with the subject of the sandbox to elicit behaviours.
  • Version-less detection, so that the ability to identify malware is not dependant on the spe-cific software set that may be installed on the end user’s environment.
  • Dormant code analysis, which allows the identi-fication of latent malware hidden in a program. Such code section may be detected even if they are programmed to be activated later.

Spamina URL Sandboxing

URL sandboxing identifies attacks targeting vulnera-ble browsers. Typically, malware campaigns as well as targeted attacks send a URL in the email main body, teasing the user to click on it, at which time the mal-ware itself is installed or actions are carried out on the victim’s device to leave it open for future abuse.

Spamina’s URL check rewrites links included in emails so that whenever the user clicks on it, the URL is veri-fied. The URL is verified in the sandbox and if any sus-picious behaviour is detected, the user receives an alert and the access is blocked.

The IT manager may define exceptions so that trusted domains may be exempted from rewriting.

About Spamina

SPAMINA, is a European-based security company that develops and provides cor-porations with flexible and Secure Digital Communications. Managing and mitigating cyber-crime related risk is critical. Widely known electronic communications means such as email, as well as the increasingly used instant messaging, are channels where the corporate digital assets can be jeopardized. Simile Fingerprint Filter® pro-prietary technology protects corporate net-works from advanced and zero-day threats. Spamina provides with a safe communica-tion environment where business continu-ity, service scalability and cost-effectiveness are ensured.

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