August 5, 2019

Xploit resilliance

Manage assets and mitigate vulnerabilities, by the click of a button

Heimdal’s X-ploit Resilence provides not only Automated patch management, but also a full Software Asset Management. It helps you to easily:

  • See ANY software assets in inventory and their version and installed volume
  • Create inventory reports for reporting or compliance purposes

Once the inventory is established (within 30 seconds) you can easily:

  • Update or downgrade the software or operating system you want
  • Un-install a supported software you want to target
  • Install the selected software to more or all your systems
  • Allow users to install given software themselves
  • Deploy custom software to the endpoints, anywhere in the world
  • Set the time you want to do updates

Best of all, this actually works and it works anywhere in the world and at any time, levering Heimdal’s Global CDN infrastructure. You won’t find a faster, easier to use or more scalable way to both see your assets, increase or reduce inventory, deploy updates and new software.

Compliance and Patch Management

1. Automatic deployment/re-deployment of 3rd party patches
2. Zero user interruption updating
3. Silent 3rd party software installation and on-the-fly
4. Covers both feature and security patches
5. Ability to delay, version manage and rollback any update
6. HTTPS from Global Heimdal™ servers with LAN P2P
7. In-app software center, managed by the admin
8. Un-installation of software supported
9. Patch release to install time of less than 4 hours
10. Scheduling of updates according to PC clock
11. Covers any Microsoft update – critical, normal or optional
12. Ability to suppress and postpone Microsoft updates
13. Ability to set reboot intervals and to force reboots

Advantages and Benefits

1. Leading deploy to success ratio – and always compliant
2. Increased productivity and less time spent on user support
3. No time spent on building images, packages and no reboots
4. Ensures you are always updated with any type of update
5. Can be customized to fit your organization’s needs
6. Secure packages anytime/anywhere with low bandwidth
7. Enhances security by removing needs for local admin rights
8. Can remove unwanted software from your machines
9. Fastest exploit kit protection and best possible compliance
10. Updates always fit to employees and in their time zone
11. Handle everything from one console
12. Ability to push updates out when you want to
13. Full control of service windows, rather than random reboots